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Preserving  the  Present  for  Protecting  the  Future

Photography has developed as a powerful tool to empower conservation.

Photography has served this role since the 1860s, although not widely acknowledged as such. A notable example are the powerful images of Carleton Watkins which were successfully used to stimulate the establishment of Yosemite National Park in 1864 and William Henry Jackson and Ansel Adams who advocated for expansion and continued funding of the park.

With a mission of spreading awareness about the biodiversity of our planet through the Photographs, The Urban Trails, is hosting'SRUSHTI' - A Wildlife and Nature Photography Exhibition on occasion of 'wildlife week' at Thane Kala Bhawan, since last 7 years.

'SRUSHTI' - A Wildlife and Nature Photography Exhibition is a small step towards awareness and conservation of our ecosystem through which, information about the diversity of the blue planet is shared with large number of people every year.

Srushti Exhibition is also providing a platform and is encouraging young photographers who show promising talent at the amateur or even at the professional level. However, many do not have the resources to obtain necessary exposure to reach audience at a personal level.

Thane Municipal  Corporation and Maharashtra Forest Department, Thane Forest Division are supporting Srushti Exhibitions since last 6 years as an initiative to spread the awareness about the depleting wildlife diversity. 

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