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Photography has evolved as a medium to empower conservation.


Photography has served this purpose since the 1860s, Wildlife photography really started to gain traction in the 1990s. There are about 8.7 million species spread all around the world. One of the biggest benefits of wildlife photography is that it serves as a method to educate others about the beauty and vulnerability of plants and animals around the world. Sometimes, people aren’t even aware that certain species exist. But that’s just where wildlife photography plays an important role.


Photographers serve as both digital artists and conservationists by bringing to light special places and animals that most people would never have known existed before, and therefore wouldn’t have considered making an effort to save. Battling against blazing sun, torrential rains and sleepless nights, photographers have worked a great deal to make these photographs. They endure a lot of hardships and have to show immense grit, determination and patience to capture these wonders of the nature. 


With a dual mission of spreading awareness about the biodiversity of our planet, and providing a platform for photographers to project their work and reach audiences, we are hosting 'SRUSHTI' : A Wildlife and Nature Photography Exhibition since 2013 on the occasion of Wildlife Week in Thane, Maharashtra, India.


Srushti exhibition is about celebration of the courage and creativity which many photographers have attempted. We take great pride to present the hard-earned photographs. Through these exhibitions and photography contest we are trying to bring out the beauty, uniqueness, and ecological importance of these flora and fauna hoping that this might ignite in everyone  a sense of duty to preserve natures gift thus fulfilling the ultimate purpose of Preserving  the  Present  for  Protecting  the  Future.

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