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Photo Contest : 2021

Photographers endure a lot of hardships and have to show immense grit, determination and patience to capture these wonders of the nature.

This intense effort taken by the photographers battling the blazing sun, torrential rains and sleepless nights during the countless jungle safaris to put their ‘best shot’ forward and show people the magic that happens in the natural world, deserves much more than just ‘likes’ on the social media.


Srushti exhibitions gives the photographers a chance to display their best work, helping them gain exposure and reach a wider audience in a direct and personal way.

Srushti Exhibition is an attempt of connecting the masses and creating goodwill for nature and wildlife conservation. Through Srushti Exhibition we are trying to reach wider audience and spread the information about herpetofaunal biodiversity of our planet through your hard-earned photograph.

Hoping that your beautiful photographs will ignite in everyone a sense of duty to preserve this nature’s gift, thus fulfilling our ultimate purpose of Preserving the Present for Protecting the Future!

Theme : The wonders Above


Theme : Class Reptilia



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