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Srushti 2020 - Coffee Table Book

Wildlife photography is quite a courageous field, not because you are in the wild, but the majority of the time, it's an attempt of getting a damn good picture that can end in failure. Unlike painters, photographers face a difficult task responding to the moment and not dwelling upon it. What happens in that crucial moment becomes part of the story. Sometimes there is a story but the picture is missing, as just at that very crucial moment you made a mistake or simply forgot to click as you are busy enjoying the moment. Therefore, I again repeat, those who do wildlife photography are very courageous individuals who went and struggled to document or bring the beauty of nature to its viewers.  


This Srushti exhibition is about celebration of that courage and creativity which many photographers have attempted. Exhibitions always help in connecting the masses and creating goodwill for nature and wildlife conservation. I am quite excited to write the foreword for this coffee table book showcasing some amazing work which photographers have done.


I wish all the participants success in their endeavours of documenting India’s rich wildlife and landscapes and supporting conservation. To all those who have been shortlisted in this exhibition, I will say, your responsibility towards wildlife conservation has now increased many-fold as your work has now been recognised on platforms like the Srushti exhibition.  Looking forward to many more such exhibitions from team Srushti.


Managing Director

Nature Works.

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