Animals make the most intriguing portrait subjects! Sometimes your telephoto lens it too far zoomed in - and that creates close-ups that show interesting features!

We are looking for images in classic poses of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles or Insects. Photos that have lot of details, show distinctive animal behaviour, or evoke emotion! A magnificent lion with its mane, a peacock with its plumage in full glory, the mesmerising gaze of a snake, a curious cat, the classic one-legged stance of a flamingo, the thoughtful eyes of a dog, the display of a fan-throats lizard and so on.. Any species, anywhere on the planet! So many choices…. In fact 8.7 million of them.

When you get closer to their faces, can you feel what they are thinking? When you look at the photo, do you immediately go - yes that’s exactly what this animal would do! Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes just plain boring yet important for documentation.

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