Most of your questions should be answered in the FAQs.

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1. Why I should participate in Srushti Photography Contest ?

Wildlife and Nature and Astro photographers endure a lot of hardships and have to show immense grit, determination and patience to capture these wonders of the nature. This intense efforts taken by the photographer deserves much more than just ‘likes’ on the social media.

Along with Cash prizes, and many more attractive prizes, Winners  will get their winning images featured in Srushti Photo Book and Srushti Website which would help them gaining exposure & reach a wider audience in a direct and personal way.

There are total upto 70 prizes!

1st Prize : Cash Prize INR INR 5,000 + Interview featured on Srushti Website and Instagram Account + Certificate 
2nd Prize : Cash Prize INR 3,000 + Winning Images featured on Srushti Website and Instagram Account + Certificate 
3rd Prize : Cash Prize INR 2,000 + Winning Images featured on Srushti Website and Instagram Account + Certificate

Public Choice Award: Cash Prize INR 2500

Judges Choice Award : Upto 15 participants gets an opportunity to win Cash Prize INR 1500 each.

Special Mention : Upto 50 participants gets an opportunity to win Cash Prize INR 1000 each.


Apart from the cash prizes, TOP 50 entries will be featured in Srushti Photo Book.

2. Who can participate in Srushti Photography Contest?

Anyone who takes a photograph is a photographer! No matter what equipment you are using, If your photograph meets the technical criteria of the theme, you can participate in Srushti Contest.

3. Is this Contest restricted to Indian Photographers only?

Not at all! If you are living on planet Earth, you can participate in Srushti Photography Contest. 

4. What is the theme for Srushti Astro-Photography Contest?

You can submit images only related to the theme : 'The Wonders Above and Beyond' 
All sorts of images of the Milky Way, Star-trails, Moonset/Moonrise, Meteor Shower, Eclipse, A starry landscape and images from any Astronomical events are acceptable.
 You can submit images shot ANYWHERE on earth. 



5. What type of Images are acceptable for the contest?

Stacking, Multiple Exposure HDR and Panorama  are a valid entry.


Composites NOT allowed. (except Star trails and Panorama)

The entrant must be in possession of all the RAW files / PSD / TIFF (In case of Panorama and / or star-trails) If required, We may ask for the same to verify the authenticity of the images. Failing to produce the same (if requested) can result in disqualification from the contest.

6. What are the entry fees for submitting my images?

The entry fee for Srushti Astro-Photography Contest is Rs. 499 per person.
Once registered you can submit 5 images.

You can submit as many entries as you want.

You can buy additional entries by paying the additional charges as follows.
Additional 5 entries Rs. 150
Additional 10 entries Rs. 200
Additional 15 entries Rs. 250

Please preserve the transaction number after making the payment. 


7. What are the Timelines for Astro-Photography Contest?

Registration for Astro-Photography Contest starts from 1st February 2021 and CLOSES on 31st March 2021.
Post 31st March you won't be able to register for the contest.

8. Winners announcement? 

TOP 50 entries will be declared on our
website on 15th May 2021.
1st, 2nd & 3rd Winner will be declared on 30th May 2021 at 23:59.

9. Is it necessary to submit my entries at the time of making the payment?

Not at all!! Once you make the payment, you can submit your entries anytime before the last date.


10. What is the last date of submitting my entries?

Entry submission for  Srushti AstroPhotography Contest starts on 01.02.2021 and ends on 31.03.2021 at 23:59.
No image will be accepted if submitted after the mentioned time.


11. How to submit my entries?

All the images must be submitted online through our image submission portal ONLY.
 Click here to enter the contest.
Click here to see the stepwise guide on How to submit your photographs for the contest.

12. Guidelines for submitting images for Srushti 2020 Wildlife Photography Contest?

We recommend following specifications for submitting your images for  Srushti Photography Contest

  • Files in .jpg or .jpeg

  • Minimum 1200 pixels on longer side and minimum 800 pixels on shorter side

  • Saved in RGB or sRGB colour space

  • Maximum file size 1 MB

  • Photos without borders, signatures, logos, watermarks or any identification marks whatsoever


General Terms & Conditions

The participant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright for all photos entered. By entering the contest, the entrant certifies that the entries do not infringe on the copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights of any other person or organization.


Contest organisers will not be held responsible in case of any dispute over the ownership of the images.


Copyright, even over winning images, will remain with the photographer.


Srushti Exhibition & The Urban Trails, reserves the right to reproduce entries in its print and online pages with due credit to the photographer.


Images may also be used elsewhere in connection with the promotion of the contest, magazine, awareness activities and the exhibitions.


Srushti Exhibition & The Urban Trails, reserves all rights for Special mentions and Judges Choice awards. There could be Upto 50 Special Mentions and 15 Judges Choice awards. 

For Special mentions and Judges Choice award images will be judged based on parameters such as Originality, Creativity, Post-processing, Composition and overall impact.


Public choice award will be voting based. Top 50 Images will be featured on Srushti website and will be open for voting for a minimum of 7 days. The picture with Maximum votes wins the Public choice award.

Srushti Photo Book would be available by June 2021 and can be bought through our website.