Wildlife photographers endure a lot of hardships and have to show immense grit, determination and patience to capture these wonders of the nature. This intense effort taken by the photographers battling the blazing sun, torrential rains and sleepless nights during the countless jungle safaris to put their ‘best shot’ forward and show people the magic that happens in the natural world, deserves much more than just ‘likes'.

Srushti Contest gives the photographers a chance to display their best work, helping them gain exposure and reach a wider audience in a direct and personal way.

This helps in not only getting recognition for the photographers and their valuable work, but also helps increase awareness about biodiversity, among the common people.

The  outbreak of COVID -19 has brought the entire world to stand still. It is only during this pandemic, the humans have paused and reflected over their times spent. From feeling nostalgic about your wildlife endeavours, to having explored your wildlife collection which was long lying in the corner of your desktop due to short fall of time.  


As the whole nation has resorted to the work from home regime and the entire dynamics have now shifted to digital platform, we feel this is best time to virtually host Srushti 2020  and unite all the wildlife enthusiasts. Let them brainstorm and choose the best image from their chest for participation.

Theme for Srushti 2020 is 'Wildlife In Action'. Submit your pictures of the Wildlife in Action and stand a chance to win the Cash prizes and many more...