It is rightly said,

“If photography is music, print is the Performance”

When I started my journey as a photographer, I used to get stunned looking at all the extraordinary pictures displayed at the Exhibitions!


Back then I used to visit NCPA’s photography gallery quite often and sometimes even for the same exhibits for multiple times. Being a novice, my only dream was to have one of my pictures exhibited in any of such Exhibitions!

 And thats how my hunt for exhibitions began.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any! Because all the exhibitions were limited to the members of particular organisations and  only such members were allowed to participate and exhibit their work under the banners of those respective organisations!! 

This ignited an idea in me and we decided to conducting an exhibition for amateurs like me! Overcoming all ups and downs, we successfully conducted the first photography exhibition in Thane in 2013!

For the very first time, an exhibition was hosted by and for young and amateur photographers! The overwhelming response received from the visitors was the reward for our efforts! Since then, Srushti Exhibition has taken a tiny steps towards providing a platform to young talented photographers to display the best of their work!


The event which started with just 13 photographers exhibiting their photographs in a small gallery of Thane Kala Bhawan in May 2013, got more than 2500 entries in 2018, submitted by more than 300 photographers from all across the country. 

With an increase in the number of photographers getting associated with us, we could showcase wide range of herpetofaunal biodiversity under one roof!

Srushti 2018 was a milestone! With association of some of the renowned photographers, cinematographers, brands and NGO’s Srushti 2018 was a huge success!


Screening of Mr. Nalla Mutthu’s documentaries, Quiz competitions by WWF, Talk on Ethics in Wildlife Photography by Mr. Parvish Pandya, Slideshows by Mr. Lalit Deshmukh and Mr. Yuwaraj Gurjar were a cherry on the cake!


The  outbreak of COVID -19 had brought the entire world to stand still.  As the whole nation resorted to the work from home regime and the entire dynamics were shifted to digital platform, we hosted Srushti 2020 and united all the wildlife enthusiasts.

In 2020, we published our first ever coffee table book!


With all the love from Nature Lovers, Photographers and visitors, we are planning for even bigger and better event this year! Be a part of this celebration by submitting your images!!

Stay Tuned! The Best Is Yet To Come!!

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Saleel Gharpure
Srushti Exhibition

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