Team Srushti

Srushti Exhibition is Saleel's brain child.
A photographer himself, this guy is always up on his feet taking care of every minute detail. He is the one who believes in achieving desire results through his sheer hard work, courage and innovation.

Saleel Gharpure


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Shantanu, Govind, Ankur and Swaraj are the 4 pillars of Srushti!
They take up any and all the tasks coming their way wholeheartedly. Be it making a photograph print ready, mounting the prints, arranging adhesive tapes in the middle of the night or arranging snacks for our exhausted volunteers at any given time, they get themselves completely involved in each and every activity! Right from deciding the dates of the exhibition till wrapping the last frame, they always give their 100% in spite of their busy schedules! 

Shantanu Kelkar

Govind Naik

Ankur Moitra

Swaraj keluskar

For an event to be a success, a good Marketing and Promotion is very essential. Vijet and Vaishnavi are the backbones of Srushti's Marketing and Promotion. All the attractive and eye-catching posters, flyers and banners are created by Vaishnavi and Sameer. The Credits for each and every video published by Srushti goes to Vijet.

Vijet Mulay

Vaishnavi Dixit

A good post not only grabs a reader's attention but also leaves a long lasting impression.
Ideas, concepts and experiences get justice when they are meticulously presented to the reader.
Tejal & Aditi's  appealing Captions and writeup's always helps a viewer connect to the photograph.

Tejal Patankar

Aditi Joshi

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